About Us

100 Igbos USA INC. is a not-for-profit partnership for change. We are a partnership of integrity, investing our time, our talents and our resources to provide impartial assistance and support for Ndigbo in Nigeria and beyond.

We believe that by sharing our intellectual properties, we can teach a better way to do things, and consequently improve the way things are done.


Our mission is to help Ndigbo set their own standards for the future and through our example, we hope to inspire other nations, especially in Nigeria and Africa, to do the same.

Nigeria is a country blessed with resources, yet it is the home to some of the poorest people on earth. Government inaction, lack of leadership and planning, lingering effects of the civil war and calculated social isolation have forced many of Nigeria’s ethnic nationality groups, including Ndigbo, to flee the country.

Those of us, who came to the United States in search of the “golden fleece” and have now adopted this new home, understand the needs of those who stayed behind, and have joined together to demonstrate how those needs can be met.

We will use our knowledge and roots in Anaigbo, coupled with our experience, connections, and resources in our adopted home, to accomplish this noble objective.

Our models for reform in health care, agriculture, economics, free enterprise, and education, will raise the standards in each of these areas. They will foster stability, primarily through self-determination, personal commitment, integrity, and with measured and appropriate partnership with all individuals, corporations, and governments, willing to work with us.