While in Nigeria last November for the annual meeting of the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas(ANPA),members of 100 Igbos U.S.A. Inc. visitedand inspected the Eastern Nigeria Medical Center(ENMC), a hospital in the city of Enugu, and discussed terms for a memorandum of understanding(MOU) to govern collaborationswiththat facility.

As a result of that visit and many more discussions, 100 Igbos members have approved the adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Eastern Nigeria Medical Center. The MOU will cover an education program for medical professionals, an emergency medical response system, and the storage and deployment of a mobile clinic currently under construction in Ohio.

100 Igbos commissioned the conversion of a 7 foot Chevrolet trailer, with an Isuzu engine, into a state-of-the art mobile surgical unit to be used to bring healthcare to underserved areas. The trailer that has been acquired with the help of the organization Buses International is durable and very suitable for use in Nigeria. Buses International is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the construction of mobile medical units that help bring healthcare to undeserved areas.

The ENMCis a functioning private, not‐for-profit entity governed by an independent board and run by Lady Okeke, the wife of the founder who is described as a strong, hardworking no-nonsense woman. ENMC’s facilities are clean and pleasant with a good cafeteria, 15 ambulances and good mortuary on the premises. At the moment, there are two fulltime doctors on staff. The center iscurrently under‐utilized and is unable to provide many services due to a shortage of qualified doctors willing to work there. It is the hope of the members of 100 Igbos that this facility will be revived to serve the community.